@pcora And it's a completely avoidable situation. Of course, depends on what you want from blogging. Too many bloggers fell into the trap of trying to create a brand or a business from their blogs.

@wrenman Thanks. Can I talk to your friend or anyone who has used it? Ideally, since we have a large home that my parents find comfortable and have other household help, we could like to have them taken care of at home. We explored assisted living facilities but didn't find any nearby that were up to quality. My parents are very tech-averse (Dad can't even use WhatsApp which is kinda a boon).

@manton Great. Also, upvoted the other thread you linked, which is a better feature request.

@manton @cheesemaker It would then make it consistent with the other tabs. That way, Sunlit is defined as the app only for photo-related content on your blog including mentions. The regular native app obviously should have everything.

@news @manton @cheesemaker Looks great. Since the timeline, Discover, Bookmarks, and even posts on our profile only show posts with photos in them, would it be possible to do the same with Mentions?

@parag Thanks. Glad your parents are doing well mental health-wise. That's always better. It's nice that they can still visit you here. That way, I'm glad my parents have visited us here often over the last 15 years and have also seen much of the country compared to most Indians. I'm focusing on the things they got to do rather than they things they can't anymore.

@odd I think within the Democratic Party, that's the struggle. In my opinion, if you realistically want 100, ask for 150 so that way you won't be disappointed when you get 100. At the same time, keep your eye on the 500 goal and chip away at it by making steady progress. Easier for the public to digest and accept it too.

@wrenman Thanks, man. I appreciate it. Dealing with it has been the cause of stress. BTW can you let me know what elder care options do you know of? We currently have a full-time nurse for my mom and a male attendant for my dad via an agency. The battle to keep parents convinced to have them is perennial.

@odd For Bernie, it’s all or nothing. The Dems had the other two moderate Dems (Manchin and Sinema) on board for a much larger package (25% lower than what Biden asked for initially) last year but the left didn’t agree to it. Now they settled for 1/3 of that scaled-down package from a year ago

@supremus Thanks. But there’s no recovery from this. We just have to manage it. And yup, I wish my dad’s new purpose in life is more in line with ours (help us help you)