@pratik Restarting my Linking Park series. May contain news stories that would otherwise make me rant throughout the week. Instead, I'll dump them here and share all of them periodically (no fixed schedule). It's mainly to help me get them out of my head but not publish them instantly. I will publish when I feel I want to share them out be it only two links or twenty.

@pimoore That would be awesome if Micro.blog can do that via the API. Right now, I post to Glass and then share to my photoblog hosted on MB. Works great. @manton

@wrenman LOL! Would’ve loved if the bear had paused, looked back and said, now wait a minute! I can take this guy.

@pratik Wait, I thought this was a series finale. Guess now Netflix needs it to keep the lights on at the company.

@supremus True. That’s the downside of goldens. Move to coastal Connecticut. I bet they have appointments readily available there 😉

@parag Luckily he wasn’t at home when we were doing this investigation although without prompting he said, I know exactly which ones I got wrong. I tried to answer them and got one wrong.

@supremus Yup. I too wish we could live in California if we could afford it. Sad that unaffordability is totally artificially created.

@cygnoir LOL at Funky Plaid's face. Homeownership can be a source of much joy (on most days).

@ayjay Tried signing out of iCloud from all your devices and then slowly signing back in. Can imagine that is frustrating.

@Munish I think it's all or nothing. You can always remove a post from the timeline but after it shows up.