Nerve Endings Firing Away

I spent a better part of my mornings organizing my notes collection. I’m now using three (paid) note-taking apps and redistributed my notes this way:

  • Ulysses: All long-form writing, including this post, reference writing including book highlights, code snippets, quotes, and eventually the book I’ll write.
  • Drafts: Email drafts and templates, speeches and presentations, quick thoughts, etc.
  • Agenda: meeting notes for my weekly direct reports, team meetings, other work meetings, employee evaluations & observations, Blank Center meetings, and work-related content linked to dates.

I have some other reference materials, mainly accompanied by images, especially documents saved in Evernote. Still, I’m not sure where those fit since I’m not a paying customer.

I have recently started using Readwise, and I might subscribe since academic users get 50% off. I haven’t yet decided where it should export highlights, although pre-Readwise, they have existed in Ulysses. Before Readwise, I used iPhone’s Live Text to copy-paste in Drafts and use the ‘strip line feed’ action to fix formatting issues.

I have had an installer for Obsidian sitting on my desktop since the last Reader’s Republic meeting, and I’ve put off double-clicking on it lest I disappear down another rabbit hole. Maybe this weekend.

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