Nerve Endings Firing Away

I’m getting back into writing by hand on paper. Of course, if I do, I want to use an ink pen 🖋 I have always used the Hero Fountain Pen. I used these to write my board exams in high school in India. I still own one with two bottles of Camel Ink (also from India).

Now I’m wondering if I should get a more traditional one. You know, like the one in the image. But most of the ones I see on Amazon come with cartridges. I hate those! Where can you buy one that you fill with traditional ink? What physical stores would have them? I assume Office Depot, etc., won’t. I tried B&N and Michaels but nope.

I’m assuming if I don’t get an answer about that on, I won’t get it anywhere else 😆 so thanks in advance.

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