Nerve Endings Firing Away

Since we work from home full-time, my wife and I go out for lunch once a week. We try to stick to outdoor seating places thanks to friendly Austin weather. We also take this opportunity to try out different places in the city that otherwise we cannot go to during the weekend rush.

Today, we ate at Leroy and Lewis, one of the better BBW places in Austin.

Leroy and Lewis

An excellent two-meat plate with beef checks and pork sausage with kimchi and pork hash sides. My wife got the barbacoa in avocado with bread (they called it a burger but close enough). The food was as great as it looked. It was a nice cool day, a bit breezy but nice to sit outside for a leisurely lunch.

The outdoor seating also has other food trucks which offer variety in terms of options. The Cosmic Cafe, a coffee shop + beer/cocktail garden, is the main anchor. I’m seeing more such establishments, i.e., food truck parks with the main anchor store in Austin. I love it because they share parking, which is crucial thanks to Austin’s lack of public transportation.

We often decide whether we should head out depending on our parking options. I don’t mind paying for parking which, at least downtown, there are plenty of inexpensive options ($5 - $20). But as you cross the river but don’t cross Hwy. 71, parking can be a pain along narrow streets. Once you cross Hwy. 71, there are more open spaces, so parking lots (I prefer garages) are plentiful.

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