Jan 2022

I found an old boxed iPad Pro in my dad’s now-dusty home office. My mom said, please take it away since it has never been used. I turned it on and realized this was from 2016 (first generation?). Also, it wasn’t even set up 😳 This is typical of my dad - he wants every new-fangled tech product but never uses one.

I started to set it up, but it said it was still associated with my Dad’s iCloud account before activation. How…what? I didn’t even know he had one. I got his account name and a possible password from my brother, but once Io tried that, it told me that the account was locked, and I had to unlock it on Sigh! I tried that but only to be asked to answer two security questions.

One was pretty straightforward, but the other asked to identify his favorite movie star from high school. I tried a few names, but I suddenly remembered a poster in his closet from when we were kids. I tried that, and bam! Everything opened up. It helps to know whom your dad was crushing on, not that he made any attempts at hiding the fact.

Apple made sure that it was a genuine login attempt, but luckily my dad doesn’t bother with “complicated” technology like 2FA. I changed the password, set new security questions, copied the details in 1Password, and added my phone for 2FA.

The iPad is now updating to the latest iOS (from 13.5). So I’m guessing Mom was mistaken, and it was used at least once by someone. I can confidently tell you it was not my dad. It’s a 32GB WiFI-only model, and Apple says, trade-in value is $230. Physically, it looks great with no bumps or bruises. The screen looked fine until I turned it on, and there was a faint discoloration mark in the middle1. I’m not sure I’ll use it, but I’ll take it home with me. At least that way, the poor iPad gets a new lease of life. I can almost hear it squeal in delight after being locked away in a dark closet all these years 2

These are a few of the things I’m keeping myself busy with since my parents are in self-isolation. I say ‘self’ generously, but that’s a whole different blog post.

  1. From what I read, Apple might just replace it although they might think what took me so long. In that case, I’ve my sob story ready. [return]
  2. Reminds me of the English essay prompts in high school - Autobiography of an <insert inanimate object> [return]
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