Jan 2022

Of the usual social network sites, I’m still on Instagram because that’s my last connection with people from high school, college, and other folks in India 1. If you use it right, Instagram can be simple. Just pictures with short captions. You can mute people’s stories and posts without offending them. I have been posting vignettes from my trip to India (mostly food pictures) in Stories. But a few reactions yesterday rubbed me the wrong way, so I posted this to my Stories earlier today:

The last couple of my stories have shown how social media can be deceptive. Some may think I’m having the time of my life in India and may experience FOMO. Yes, the food is excellent, but that’s not the whole story.

I’m currently quarantining with my parents and their nurse, who tested positive for COVID on the weekend. But I have tested negative so far (hence those hajjar 2tests)

Yes, the food is catered, but I’m serving, cleaning up, doing their laundry, and doing other household chores while trying to stay negative, COVID-wise, I mean.

If that wasn’t enough and not many may know this, my dad is showing early signs of Alzheimer’s (diagnosed). He doesn’t understand why he can’t step out of his room and has often crossed the barriers I’ve erected, often late at night. I have to coax him to return to his room without touching him.

On the plus side, their symptoms were mild, the weather here is excellent, and there’s Test cricket on TV. May your India trips be better.

I’m sure not everyone in my family will approve of disclosing my dad’s illness, but I feel it’s nothing to hide. It’s always better to be forthright about health issues because those who meet my dad now figure out something is amiss. Also, in general, people are good and understanding. If you tell them honestly what’s going on, they will not judge you and may even offer help. If nothing else, if someone else is going through something similar, it gives them solace too.

  1. I keep WhatsApp for individual connections and for immediate family groups. I left all other groups a couple of years ago. [return]
  2. Literally means thousands in a Hindi dialect. I had posted a photo of a list of my COVID test PDF files in Finder. [return]
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