Nerve Endings Firing Away

We went to Barnes & Noble for the first time since the pandemic started. That’s after nearly 22 months! Visiting B&N was a regular Sunday afternoon since our son was old enough to stand. We got coffees, browsed the bookshelves and magazines for the new releases, and bought the occasional book or gift items. Our son played with the toy trains in the children’s section, then moved on to browsing picture books, and finally graduated to picking up stacks of Diaries of the Wimpy Kid & Captain Underpants and blowing through them. We often ran into acquaintances at the store who had kids the same age and wanted a place where they could run amok among the books.

That was one activity we sorely missed during the pandemic, so it felt great to be back, people-watching and all. Since we had talked about it earlier in the day during MB’s Writers Group meeting, I finally picked up Austin Kleon’s books. I did forget to bring along my Moleskine diary, though. Maybe next time.

Austin Kleon Books

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