Nerve Endings Firing Away


The Glossary feature looks useful. I may have to dig into it a bit to fully understand its utility as I perceive it.

Update: Now using Glossary to replace text with hyperlinked text e.g. for Drummer. If that word is hyperlinked, it is working. This paragraph is also indented to show a sub-item for the above item. It may also be used to provide an update by adding the text Update:

The only hitch right now I see in using Drummer is having a handy list of attributes to use in an item. E.g. inserting an image.

Added a shortcut for rebuilding the blog using the icon bar instructions.

Figuring out how to title a section. Anything below a date item can be a post but if it has sub-items below it, that line can be what bloggers call a title of the post.

Tried out embedding an inline images. Slightly trickier compared to hyperlinking a text.

Using this self-shot wonderful image from Rainier National Park as my header image.

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