I’m making steady progress on processing my DSLR photos from our vacation. I should be able to share them on my photo blog on here soon.

I had to take break from it coz I was using the spot cleaner in Lightroom to get a stubborn smudge until I realized it’s on my screen 🤦🏽‍♂️

A thrilling World Cup match between India and minnows Afghanistan. A bloody impressive performance by the Afghans but India managed to eke out a win thanks to a hat-trick in the last over by Mohd. Shami. Boom Boom Bumrah kept India in the game though 🏏

Sometimes I think other sports should also have a West Indies team instead of individual islands/countries.

The first work week after a long vacation is always crazy. I’m glad I survived it and all caught up (inbox zero and all that). But I cannot be more ready for the weekend.

AT&T shows I used 600+ MB at 9am this morning. I’ve no idea how. In fact, I was at home having a shower at that time. I would’ve been on the home WiFi anyway 🤔 Anyone else had such a similar spike in unexplained usage ever?

“You look tense. Everything ok?”

Me: “yeah, all good” (in my head: I’m in a building that has Oncology in its name and all the staff are wearing tshirts that say, Fight Cancer.

PS. Everything’s ok after all.

Work-Life Balance Is a Myth. Do This Instead.

Agree. You can love your work or at least aspects of it and don’t have to feel guilty if you do.

Met up with my former work colleagues at the “end of the grant celebration” event. Although I left a year early, it’s nice to see the culmination of your work over the last 6 years. It’s also how meeting most former colleagues is great and how you still can’t stand some others.

Riverdale was totally bonkers this past season. I mean, what the actual hell is going on.

Yeah, I know…guilty pleasure and all that but we wait till it’s on Netflix

On a long layover at Denver Airport (with excellent WiFi). I’ve reached the limit of mentions that Micro.Blog displays in the native app so can’t respond to ones before that. I’m resisting checking work email until at least tomorrow.

When will Micro.Blog allow for photos within replies? I assume it’s a design choice and not a technical limitation cc: @manton

Sitting at the airport gate, I just took stock of the photos I took at Yellowstone and Grand Teton NP, I’ve 500+ on my DSLR and 400+ on my iPhone. With some exceptions, those don’t overlap. Since I shoot in RAW, I’m not sure when I’ll be done processing them all.

We’re back in Mammoth Springs for the night on our last day of vacation. We fly home to Austin tomorrow and then back to the grind.

Thanks for the compliments on the photos. I’ll respond when I get back. But expect more Yellowstone photos over the next few weeks.

Do you also vacation this way? My legs need another vacation.

Yo, Siri, please don’t show me ‘Going to Work’ shortcut so when I’m on vacation.

Hiking in the woods in bear country can be very stressful even when equipped with bear spray. I prefer a clear line of sight in case I see a bear.

I bet that’s how women feel all the time walking in the city 😕

We’re spending 4 more days in the national parks; our longest outdoors vacation yet. Plenty of grand vistas, geological wonders, and hiking with the family. We’ve been sleeping like logs at the end of each day.

Connectivity is spotty so replies to mentions after we return.

It has been a fantastic three days so far in Yellowstone and Grand Tetons NP. Yes, we’ve been off the grid mostly (thanks to AT&T) but I’ve not missed it apart from a few moments.

I won’t inundate this feed with too many photos. Maybe a steady trickle when I can.

I was still replying to work emails until my boss asked me to go home and start my vacation already! So deleted Outlook from my phone and am officially on vacation mode for the next 9 days 🙌🏽

We will be in Yellowstone on Friday. It’s going to be 95ºF in Austin when we leave and it’s expected to be 19ºF in Wyoming on Saturday. Fun!

South Africa is struggling in this World Cup. Three losses in as many matches (why have they played 3 in 7 days?) If some team that has not won the World Cup yet and should win, it’s South Africa. I still remember the 1999 heartbreaking loss against Australia 🏏

I haven’t watched the WWDC keynote yet. It’s not yet up on the Apple TV app yet. Watch the keynote first or read the posts/tweets first?

Parts Unknown S8E5 on Houston has to be the most ‘real’ America 30 mins on TV. Check it out on Netflix if you haven’t already. I miss Tony 😭

In the process of manually moving my blog posts to the new place, I found this post written a year after our son was born - nearly seven years ago. Ah! memories.

Progress on selectively moving my old blog posts to Blot has been slow. Only 50-odd posts have been moved so far from the nearly 2,300 posts. But then most are excerpts from an article followed by a paragraph of my opinion. It’s been re-reading (and sometimes cringing at) them.