One of my favorite coffee mugs. I broke a similar one (but in white) that I had owned for nearly 9 years so had to get a new one.

I violated the first rule of the mug though - don’t talk about the mug.

Yay! Got our first power bill with a credit on it.

Regardless of the outcomes it produces at times, the Indian election system is damn impressive. Case in point -> Election workers in India traveled 300 miles over 4 days to set up a polling booth — for one voter. Remember India has 900 million eligible voters.

Iceland used to be the hottest tourism destination. What happened? I’ll give it couple of years more to recover before planning a visit

Water (pond) plants are frikkin expensive! Got one water lily plant for $40 to replace the two overly grown ones we had until last winter. Photos to come once it’s established.

I finally made time today to go for my long-overdue annual physical exam. The vital signs look good. Bloodwork results due soon. I like these visits coz you can discuss all the little things you otherwise deem minor but then the doctor is like, let’s get you a consult

I haven’t tried out Apple News+ yet. Coz I didn’t watch the keynote yet? My first ever miss since…I can’t remember.

It has been a roller coaster of work-related emotions and activities over the last couple of weeks. Hopefully, it’s settling down now. I’m still keeping up with reading and cricket so that’s keeping me sane.

Ironically, railing against millionaires made Bernie one.

Such a huge loss for architecture 😢 I regret not visiting Paris yet.

Taking a cue from Cal Newport, I stopped making excuses and bought some lumber to build a planter bed. I’m involving my 7-year-old too so he can get his hands dirty too.

One is a preeminent newspaper that holds large organizations accountable. The other is an internet-based listicle-churning media organization. At least that’s the perception. Or maybe democracy does in fact die in darkness.

It’s been a long week so I’m just going to hang up my boots and drink a beer.

I saw a truck emblazoned with the company’s name ‘Word of Mouth’. I don’t think they quite know how that works.

Thanks to @endonend’s post on adding pagination via custom themes and subsequently figuring out how to edit the footer, my photo blog is now as I wanted it. No more tinkering. Just photos now.

I’m listening to Cal Newport’s Deep Work audiobook on my commute to work these days. I have 5 meetings and am co-teaching a class today. The irony is not lost on me.

Solar production was >38 kWh today. That means, long sunny days are back.

This is the spiciest shit ever. You’ve to pan fry it in oil first and take care to bite it so that the back of your tongue makes first contact. Else you’ll be breathing fire 🔥 But fantastically delicious.

Killing Eve is back today. Can never get enough of Sandra Oh.

I’m posting this to my Instagram today

If only I could remove ‘Follow XXX on Micro.Blog’ from the footer and add pagination on the front page footer, my photo blog would be perfect. The first is more desirable.

The ‘On This Day’ code by @cleverdevil is a perfect fit for a photo blog. With my Instagram archive (dating back to 2010) imported, it gives me plenty to look back on.

For work-related related reasons, I’ve to list my top 3 achievements on why I’m an outstanding researcher with international recognition (only 1-2 sentences per accomplishment). This is not as easy as it sounds especially for my humble self.

Ironically, this post is humblebrag.

Love the video feature on M.B. Although I don’t see myself using it, I’m loving what everyone else is sharing. How long before we get to see short vidcasts?

Alzarri on fire for Mumbai Indians - 5 wickets for 7 runs. Still bowling his last over. 🏏