Nerve Endings Firing Away

December 4, 2022

09:16 AM ▸

Waking up in a tent on a coldish morning, getting out of your sleeping bag can be the hardest thing ever. But the lure of hot coffee and hot chocolate is strong too. And of course, nature calls. In more ways than one.

December 3, 2022

09:36 AM ▸

⚽ Seen the size of the Dutch goalkeeper? How are you expected to get anything past him?

12:32 PM ▸

⚽️ I’ll miss the Argentina - Australia and the France - Poland matches because I’m taking my son on a camping (organized) trip we had planned and booked three months ago. They better be boring matches.

December 2, 2022

07:37 AM ▸

Today - Ten years at the University of Texas at Austin and four years at the Population Research Center. It’s been quite a ride.

01:04 PM ▸

⚽ Switzerland had two shots on goal after 20 seconds on the clock 😳

08:32 PM ▸

⚽ Pulisic and his balls are fit to play ball tomorrow

December 1, 2022

05:14 PM ▸

⚽️ Two top-10 European teams were knocked out in the first round of the World Cup, one of them a four-time champion. One more just made it but did not deserve to. What fun!

05:58 PM ▸

Me to a colleague in California: Wow! Your lemon tree looks great.
Two days later:

November 30, 2022

08:26 AM ▸

What’s the etiquette for talking with applicants who reach out to you directly to discuss the position you have posted? I like that they’re being proactive in their interest. We’re a public university, so are held higher in the standards of making it equal for all applicants.

06:25 PM ▸

On the interwebs after a long day of interviewing at work. I even missed the World Cup matches 😓

November 29, 2022

12:57 PM ▸

⚽ The US needs a win to advance, but Iran needs only a draw. That's exactly the recipe for an exciting match from the US perspective. ¡vamos!

01:44 PM ▸

⚽️ Pulisic may not be having kids in the future but if that’s what it takes for the US to win 🇺🇸

02:47 PM ▸

⚽ US needs to score one more. The Iranians scored two in stoppage time against Wales. This time they need just one.

November 28, 2022

04:47 PM ▸

Timemator’s auto-tracking doesn’t work in the Arc browser. It does in Safari and Firefox. With the Drafts Quick Capture not working in Arc either, I’m starting to lean back toward Safari.

I’m surprised that Drafts doesn’t have a Chrome extension. Or does it?

November 27, 2022

08:54 AM ▸

⚽ OMG! Morocco is going to tame the Red Devils. All groups are set for chaos.

09:49 AM ▸

I’m glad we get a preview of our weekly newsletters before they are sent out so I can edit out all my ⚽️-related heat-of-the-moment posts I make via Status.LOL.

Yes, new people on, your readers can subscribe to a newsletter, so you don’t have to be here always.

02:25 PM ▸

⚽ Is Germany going to be knocked out of the group consecutive World Cups? 😳

06:02 PM ▸

The penny bucket challenge in R’s Math class to demonstrate the strength of triangles. His group managed to stuff 159 pennies and we’re narrowly edged by another team who got to 171.

10:04 PM ▸

I’m surprised that IFTTT doesn’t yet have Mastodon under “If”. I want to copy my Favorites and Bookmarks elsewhere.