Nerve Endings Firing Away

February 5, 2023

08:42 AM ▸

We attended a friend’s dad’s 75th birthday party. They organized a bingo with his dad’s favorite things. One of the words was “secretary.” I was too afraid to ask about the backstory.

10:42 AM ▸

Can we just stop pretending like these are serious ideas? The GOP controlled all the House, Senate, and the White House as recently as 2017-18 and they raised the debt ceiling without a murmur.

The current ‘crisis’ is nothing more than terrorists making ransom demands.

10:52 AM ▸

The tree service folks are having their time in the sun, literally, after the recent ice storm. We’re relieved to get someone come out today to clear the mess in our yard.

February 4, 2023

10:32 AM ▸

⚽️ Liverpool having a hellish season and completely unraveling at Wolves who were in relegation zone before this game started.

12:33 PM ▸

I won’t be surprised if the China balloon story also ends up like the Balloon Boy story. Remember that craziness? 🤦🏽‍♂️

February 3, 2023

02:44 PM ▸

In addition to being bummed about our live oaks, I’m kicking myself for forgetting to get our jade plant inside 😩 It took a long time to grow as much as it had

02:47 PM ▸

Massive jobs report for January 2023 so naturally the stock market is down 📉

04:38 PM ▸

📺 Alaska Daily (2022)

We caught up with this show after hearing about Hillary Swank’s Golden Globe nomination. It’s your regular feel-good The Newsroom type network show where all the characters at the newspaper are dedicated, honest small-town folk. You know, the typical grist for winning over middle America.

But I wonder how long it will take, like The Rookie, for the show to admit that not all of the people within their community are good-intentioned. But we’ll keep watching at least until the end of the first season. Perhaps, Swank will hold it together like Fillion does for The Rookie.

Alaska Daily poster

February 2, 2023

04:25 PM ▸

Documenting my post-Fed-meeting interest rate increase on savings accounts I have.

BTW Ally Savings is 3.40%

Screenshot showing snippet of email from Betterment announcing their interest rate at 4% starting on Feb 6th

February 1, 2023

08:03 AM ▸

Back to having power outages in Austin (and probably rest of Texas) due to the cold weather. Finally one of our live oak tree branches cracked and narrowly missed the front porch. Staying in bed to stay warm.

12:07 PM ▸

A fourth branch cracks and falls off. The house is still unscathed 🤞🏽Temperatures are not expected to go above freezing until tomorrow morning

02:11 PM ▸

Phew! The power is back on. House is now warming up from a chilly 58ºF indoors. Tree service has been contacted and we hope to have someone out by the house as soon as they can.

January 31, 2023

11:00 AM ▸

My new job has two weekly meetings at 9 am. Is it too late to turn down the offer? Yeah, they’re virtual. 1️⃣🌎🗯️

12:54 PM ▸

I’m enjoying some Turkish coffee ☕️ via a sachet that was included with my order with Galen Leather Goods cc: @cygnoir

04:11 PM ▸

Remember that scene in The Day After Tomorrow where they are burning books to stay warm in the NYC Public Library. Well, if that happens in Texas or Florida in the near future, they’ll freeze to death 🥶

05:16 PM ▸

👔 Last day with the current team and first day tomorrow with the new one. I'm already of their Slack Workspace and invited to 10K meetings starting at 8 am tomorrow.

January 30, 2023

05:29 PM ▸

When I grow up, I want to learn how to extract data using an API

January 29, 2023

09:21 AM ▸

For those who may be curious about what they cover in my son’s 6th grade Star Wars elective, this wishlist on Amazon by the teacher is illuminating.

Obviously, please don’t buy it for the class. That’s not what this post is about.

January 28, 2023