Nerve Endings Firing Away

September 23, 2023

10:29 AM ▸

Why isn’t there another type of medium widget that takes up half of the screen so you can fit two of them on a screen. Currently the options are a large (2/3) and a medium (1/3) or three mediums (1/3 each) #iPhone.

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‘A day in the life’ photo challenge. The day is still long and the sun is still strong on this equinox morning

Green leafy house plants backlit by sunlight streaming from the window

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I forget who, and I didn’t bookmark but someone on had shared a code to add an “in reply to” permalink to the Replies page (such as on this page). @jarrod’s shortcut works great in that sense, but needs a few more clicks. I (others can too) prefer to do it via a link on my Replies page.

September 22, 2023

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The factors that best-predicted well-being was those more intrinsic to the college experience itself, such as:

  1. having a professor who showed personal interest in them, stimulated them to learn, and encouraged them;
  2. having an internship or job in college that allowed them to apply what they were learning and
  3. being actively involved in extracurricular activities or projects that took a semester or more to complete.

– William Stixrud, Ned Johnson in The Self-Driven Child [Readwise URL].

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iPhone 15 Pro first impression: Definitely feels lighter. Setup was a breeze. Luckily, the phone forced an update to 17.0.2 before setting up from the old phone.

I’m going to use the phone naked. I mean, without a case. Wish me luck.

September 21, 2023

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Opens News app. Reads news. Sigh! Real-life Succession is so boring.

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When I get the new iPhone, I’m going to try out a new system for phone screens - only widgets. Better still, if they’re interactive.

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I charged my iPhone one last time with Lightning. USB-C tomorrow, baby!

PS. It’s on MagSafe at night.

September 20, 2023

September 19, 2023

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If I was living in India and supported extra-judicial assassinations of alleged terrorists, I would be asking if we can kill a Khalistan supporter, why haven’t we killed Dawood Ibrahim yet? He’s an Indian citizen and lives in Dubai.

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I finally got our two other rooms upstairs set up for wired Internet. We ran an Ethernet cable from the router in our family/TV room downstairs to one of the bedrooms upstairs a couple of years ago (pre-COVID). This was easier since we ran a cable on the outside of the house to the guest bedroom, which served as my home office.

Since COVID and my wife’s now-fully-remote new job, she uses that guest bedroom as her base, and I’ve set up my desk in our main bedroom. However, this room is diametrically opposite the router and on an upper floor. The WiFi is still decent, but nothing as fast as the gigabit connection can get. So I got the electricians to run the cable from inside the walls from the guest room to the other two bedrooms. The kid may need it, too, and I am sure will thank me later.

Now I can haz high wired speeds on my desktop

speedtest showing 940.24 Mbps download and 939.41 Mbps upload

September 18, 2023

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The urban fabric in #Paris has a high thread count.

September 17, 2023

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As usual Mark Gurman’s title (Apple’s just-good-enough lineup) doesn’t…line up with his twelfth paragraph 🙄

Apple's just-good-enough lineup &10;&10;The clear highlight is the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. The devices are a significant upgrade, with slimmer bezels, better cameras and an A17 Pro chip that will improve the gaming experience. But the biggest news is the titanium design, which is a vast improvement in durability and weight.

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I noticed that you can now tap on the profile picture in the iOS app to enlarge it.

Also, pronouns are now part of the profile for those who entered them 🙌🏽 For those who haven’t yet, I hope I’m not misgendering you.

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Now that the summer is over (highs in the low 90s) in Texas now, I’ve dusted off the grill to make dinner.