Nerve Endings Firing Away

June 6, 2023

09:20 AM ▸

Now that’s how you do pronouns. Best implementation I’ve seen so far.

11:17 AM ▸

We spent a lovely afternoon walking the Montmartre neighborhood ending at the gorgeous Sacre de Coure at sundown. We even climbed all the way up to the top

June 5, 2023

10:06 AM ▸

Titled, Dude, did he also sculpt yours way smaller?

11:18 PM ▸

I followed #WWDC and #WWDC23 on Mastodon so I could catch up later today. I opened Ivory later in the evening to see…800+ new posts! I got a fairly good summary of the keynote including all the jokes, snark, and the hot-takes.

Twitter? What Twitter?

June 4, 2023

11:40 PM ▸

It’s 11:30 pm and I’m just getting into bed. We left at 8 am earlier today for breakfast and a Louvre guided tour at 9 am followed by Sainte Chapelle, Conciergerie, Notré Dame (plus a VR experience) and then wandering around Left Bank. We got the Louvre Pyramid at night. So tired 🇫🇷

June 3, 2023

09:00 PM ▸

Oh well…bomb scare at the Eiffel Tower so now we can’t keep our appointment at the Summit 😒

June 2, 2023

09:10 AM ▸

As you’re walking toward Zaanse Schans, yes it does

Sign saying “smells like chocolate”, with part of a windmill and the Dutch flag in the background

01:32 PM ▸

I love how these metal reinforcements for the canal walls have been made green

03:50 PM ▸

📺 Ted Lasso (2020). Loved watching the finale as we zoom from Amsterdam to Paris in a high speed train. The show ended perfectly and captured its essence. Im definitely gonna miss Ted and all the other characters ★★★★★

Ted Lasso poster

05:31 PM ▸

Arrived in Paris 🇫🇷 and managed to make sense to and out of the Metro to our AirBnB. We got some pretty sweet digs right next to the Louvre

June 1, 2023

02:17 PM ▸

I can’t get past thinking about the clatter but definitely look great to kick someone in the shin.

Colorful clogs mounted on a dark blue wooden wall outside a store

09:10 PM ▸

If I ever get my portrait painted, it would be something like this

May 31, 2023

01:29 AM ▸

Protip while traveling in Europe: know what countries the European country colonized. We had the most amazing Indonesian platter of food in Amsterdam last night.

Sampurna Rijsttafel in Amsterdam restaurant

06:04 AM ▸

Loved this tiny library inside the Rijks Museum

Old style two story library with a spiral staircase in the corner inside the Rijks Museum

07:22 AM ▸

My son was too lost in the Maps app as he was leading us to the Oude Kerk (Old Church) to notice the skimpily clad woman in the window 🫣

03:20 PM ▸

We should make these cars popular in Austin as a foil against big ass trucks. They’ll definitely be more appropriate for the parking situation.

06:17 PM ▸

Having recently read the Diary, the visit to the Anne Frank House was sobering 🇳🇱 The spaces are so much smaller than I imagined. Devastating that it ended so badly for the two families 😭

No photos, of course, allowed inside.

May 30, 2023

05:58 AM ▸

Hello Amsterdam, you’re a little cold and dreary today

10:18 AM ▸

I had to give in to unexpected colder weather in Amsterdam and buy a sweatshirt. But surprisingly, I’m the only one in orange on the streets 🇳🇱