Pratik Mhatre

Had the opportunity to travel by boat on the Potomac on a glorious evening.

Back in Washington DC for the annual GEAR UP Conference

I printed this photo to a 20’ x 30’ size on canvas yesterday. From our trip to Yosemite last summer. I like to call this photo - “I’m your El Capitan now”

Talking about Netflix specials, check out ‘Sacred Games’, a crime-thriller based on a book by Vikram Chandra. Not quite but think of it as a Narcos-equivalent set in Bombay (Yup, I still call it that).

Hannah Gadsby’s ‘Nanette’. Wow!

Croatia 🙌🏽 ⚽️

Ugh! Just realized that my Sonos Play:1 speakers are not compatible with Air Play 2. Now wondering whether to invest in Sonos further and get two Sonos One speakers or get a HomePod for the same price.

Printed an iPhone photo (edited in Snapseed) to a 16x20 size. Surprised by how well it turned out.

17 Places Book Lovers Need to Visit. Some amazing places.

I’m getting my home reappraised by our bank to see if the increased value (thanks to Austin’s hot property market) can help me get rid of that pesky PMI every month.

I’m glad that it’s raining but also sad that my solar panels aren’t producing anything.

We visited Death Valley in February but I just got around to writing about it. Some photos included.

Brazil, the five-time World Cup champion knocked out by Belgium who made it to only its second semi-final. This World Cup is all kinds of crazy. Plus, on the other side of the draw, one of these teams - Croatia, Russia, Sweden, and England - will make it to the final 🤨

The personal finance app, Mint is pretty nifty and I’ve been using it for over 10 years now. But every month, it still asks me, Did you buy something big today? after my mortgage payment goes through. So much for all that big data, machine learning, and AI.

World Cup over for Mexico as always in the Round of 16. To their credit, Brazil played attacking football for 90’ unlike Spain that was content on passing the ball and waiting for Russia to make a mistake ⚽️

I gave Medium membership a chance for about 2 months but the content is not worth it.

It has been a 102º day today and we’ve been cooped indoors watching the World Cup. But on the positive side…

Someone on NextDoor wrote a looooong post ranting about HEB changing the self-checkout limit from 15 to 10 items 🙄 I was going to comment but someone else had a better comment

The hashtag ‘nofilter’ is such a misnomer. The camera can never produce what your eyes can see; at least straight out of the box. So basically we’re not seeing exactly what you did when you used that hashtag.

Next trend in travel is…don’t? Interesting premise and intention but more people are traveling now because they can afford to and it’s no longer the purview of the rich. But admittedly, something to think about in terms of our impact. Plus do you want Instagram to shut down? 😉