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Spending the day tomorrow in the Rio Grande valley. I’m sure I can see Mexico from my house, if I had one here.

I don’t think we used EXACTLY the same amount of power at that high level when in fact the temperature were lower than previous days. #AustinEnergy

Not quite ACL

Finally Sonos allows for filtering out explicit content. Earlier it didn’t even if Apple Music was set to filter it out. But the “For You” selections within Apple Music app differs bigly if you access it from within the Sonos app. Air Play support can’t come soon enough.

Highly educated people still relocate for work, but exorbitant housing costs in the best-paying cities make it difficult for anyone else to do so.

Supporting #WomenBoycottTwitter. This will let me use more and that’s always a good thing. Right now, the only thing going for Twitter or FB is that everyone’s there. That’s it! There’s nothing about either service that I might miss. I’ve to ask - is it worth it?

New light fixture from Lamps Plus

Gonna be more enthu about the game next week after watching ‘The Sandlot’

Now that’s a feature that would be cool for a mass consumer electronics device

What third-party email app do you use on iOS? Currently I use Inbox by Gmail and was wondering if there are any better out there.

Proud to announce that Institute for Public School Initiatives (IPSI) at UT Austin has won the largest GEAR UP Partnership grant in Texas for 2017. I’ll be the Co-PI for the grant. I’m looking forward to working with 8 school districts in Austin & San Antonio over the next seven years in helping nearly 5,000 kids go to college.

If Leonardo had an unexpected visitor while he was painting the Monalisa

Horseshoe at Valentina’s

Great news on the professional front. I’ll elaborate more via a longer post tomorrow.

Always love being in a high school gearing up for college.

I’ve never understood the point of such analyses. First, you can never calculate the true cost of a device by just adding up the cost of its materials. You leave out the intangibles. Second, even if you stick to adding up the cost of the raw materials down to the second decimal, like they do in the linked article, you’re using the retail price that’s available to the layperson. Apple, I’m sure, gets a much different rate for all the materials. The article concludes with a Tim Cook saying, he has “never seen one that is anywhere close to being accurate.” But of course, that doesn’t stop publications like Bloomberg from investing time and effort into this meaningless excercise.

I’ve been trying out 8 Plus new portrait features on my dogs too. The Stage Light setting takes work to get it right but other settings work great

Baseball time. Kiddo’s first time!

Stage Light Mono

It’s here!