Pratik Mhatre

I’m so over the Mac v. PC wars. If someone complains about a Mac to me, I just recommend they get a PC instead.

If nothing, I hope the self-driving cars improve response time at the traffic lights.

‘Agents of SHIELD’ season finale seemed more like a series finale, right? I know it’s renewed for the next season. Perhaps they didn’t expect to be.

The ghost succulent will grow easily in the Texas summer

We got these installed today. Love the matte dark black panels and clean lines.

I have my usual content blockers (uBlock and Ghostery) turned on in Safari. Everything works just fine apart from some errant sites. So I was disappointed that GatesNotes throws up an entirely blank page save the header image.

This is so true. When did it get stressful to log on to the Internet? BTW there is no such thing as logging on. It’s always on.

Every Monday after school. I’ve taught him well 😇

I got definitive proof that Instagram was lurking on my browsing history. Cleared all history and website data and upgraded to 1BlockerX. Now let’s see if that makes a difference.

We made a reservation at a Cajun buffet place for 1:30pm for Mother’s Day and have now realized their buffet ends at 1:30pm 😐

I’m sure people in the tech industry know this well but in our field (education research), it’s not as easy. If the person is interested, content knowledge can be learned. But thinking like a data person/programmer and learning new tech skills has to start early.

What do you look for in people while hiring if you want to hire someone to quickly learn certain tech platforms? Not coding but simply navigating and customizing. Think of Salesforce-like platforms.

Watched Infinity War today. Obviously, it’s Part 1.

Not sure what’s going on here. Found abandoned on a fence at the Y

The succulents are flowering.

PS. I’m also trying out the non-square format for posting pictures.

‘One Strange Rock’ (on NatGeo) is a brilliant series of nature documentaries created by Darren Aronofsky. Narrated by Will Smith and Space Station astronauts. This place was featured in the latest episode…

Dog owners call this look scragglypoo

Not a bad spot to snag at the coffee shop for working on Friday, right? Yup, that’s a rooftop garden.

Baseball time albeit on a very windy (and still cold) spring day

Submitted a major report at work today that involved input from several people…5 days before the deadline. I am, what a colleague calls, an anti-procrastinator.